Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Decided to build only one box and make it substantially similar to the original. Will be scrapping the 6" speaker and use two smaller speakers to help keep the depth down. One thing I have not done was to use press in studs called PEM studs. With the proper anvil and carefully drilled holes a 5 ton press is used to "cold flow" the base metal into the stud securing groove.

Here is an animation of how it is done:

I bought some 3/4" round bar made from A2 steel to make the anvils from.

 Bottom anvil, top anvil, PEM stud, test piece of sheet metal, and a couple of spacer nuts.

PEM stud seated in the sheet metal on top of the bottom anvil
 Just before pressing


PEM fully seated
Bottom side
Completely flush on both sides

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